Swami Sami’s Method for Divination

Pondathan Lakeoff
3 min readMar 11, 2021


Swami Sami taught me this method for Divination. This specific process has led to incredible visions, spiritual, and creative breakthroughs.

Prepare yourself by focusing on openness. Visions will appear before you. They are very skittish. You must practice accepting them and they will hang around longer.

In the days before and if possible as a practice in life observe yourself. Every inch of your body inside and out. How does the ground feel on your feet? How does the wind feel through your hair? What does the world smell like? So on and so forth. You want to be comfortable with any sensation that might arise. You must be able to feel it fully and not allow it to distract you from the divination.

Smoke yourself or dose yourself on cannabis to a 6/10 or higher. Put on some music. I am a fan of noise canceling headphones but speakers work just as well. The music has two purposes. One to block out the ordinary sounds of the world. This is especially important if you are in a crowded city or a lively suburb. As things go by like cars and people that are not a part of your divination practice they will distract you and take your attention. Distance yourself from the mundane. So when I know there is the noise of traffic and bar patrons around I add noise canceling headphones to the mix. The second purpose of the music is to stimulate a spiritual feeling. Allow the music to combine with the cannabis to drive your body and mind. The music should be melodic and grandiose. Powerful symphonies. Cohesive rock operas. Albums written to showcase the glory of god. You don’t want to listen to the top 40 flavor of the month. This will distract and hypnotize you away from your pure intent.

Allow the cannabis to hold your mind. Get comfortable in the high and test it’s limits by concentrating on the incoming stimuli. Stretch if it feels right. Close your eyes and watch for closed eye visuals. Enjoy presence. Take comfort in the intended altered state.

Start the music and say a prayer. Thank God that you have the privilege to experience his glory. Stand and focus on the power of the universe. You could be outside under the stars marveling at the sky and it’s grandeur. Focused on a piece of art in a dark room in your city apartment. Or appreciating your favorite tree on your property. Focus on the beauty of the world. Focus on the fact that this was here before you and will be here long after. Allow the world and all of God’s creation to be above you. To be holy.

Let the music take you. If you want to dance then dance. If you want to bow then bow. If you want to supplicate yourself before God, before the universe, before the blessings in your life then allow yourself to do so fully. Don’t feel tied to any one action. Bow during one song and rise up in the next. The song after that raise your arms to the sky and feel your power. Then after that close your eyes and humble yourself to the power of the universe.

The more you try this. The more comfortable you become in the high and with the music the easier it will be to go far out. To meet with the wonder of the universe and allow it to guide you to the mysteries in your mind.

To fully experience the magic of this process you need the following. A safe location — you want to feel comfortable being weird in this space. You’ll need some fine cannabis. Good headphones or speakers. An album or playlist or a few picked out before you start so you can quickly start it when your headspace is ready.

If you follow these steps and allow your mind and body to fully let go. To fully accept that the universe and God are magical. That they are larger than you can imagine. Your mind will be open enough for you to connect with the infinite and take you on a journey.

- Pondathan Lakeoff



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